Thursday Night Theology with Dr. Donald Wallenfang

December Webinar Schedule

Philosophy of Phenomenology

December 16: Q&A with Dr. Wallenfang

8:30pm-9:30pm ET

What does the philosophical method of phenomenology have to do with the  New Evangelization? Everything! As a method that influenced such Catholic heavy-weight theologians such as Karol Wojtyła and Edith Stein in the twentieth century, phenomenology unlocks the  door to effective evangelization like no other method in contemporary philosophy. When combined with classic metaphysics, phenomenology equips Catholic evangelists to be courageous “fishers of men.”  Come to find out more about what phenomenology is and how it contributes to this new season of Catholic evangelization!

Wednesdays with Wallenfang 

New in 2022!

We will begin a new series of webinars as the study of Phenomenology continues.  Our schedule has changed for 2022 to Wednesday nights.  We will continue to offer these webinars at no cost.  See below for dates for seminars that will be in-person at the Saint John Leadership Institute in Englewood, CO.  We will post registration, information and prices as we get closer to the new year.

All webinars will start at 8:30PM ET and will last approximately 60 minutes


Jan. 12                      Phenomenology of the Body I                           

Jan. 19                      Phenomenology of the Body II                            

Jan. 26                     Phenomenology of the Body III                          

Feb. 2                       Phenomenology of the Body IV                           

Feb. 9                       Phenomenology of Relationships I                     

Feb. 16                     Phenomenology of Relationships II                   

Feb. 23                     Phenomenology of Evangelization I                   

Mar. 9                       iGod Part I                                                                 

Mar. 16                     iGod Part II                                                                 

Mar. 23                     iGod Part III                                                                  

Mar. 30                     iGod Part IV                                                                

Apr. 6                        Metaphysics of Money I                                          

Apr. 20                      Metaphysics of Money II            

In-Person Seminars at SJLI 

               (housing on-site available)                             

Feb. 4 & 5th               Phenomenology of the Body Seminar

Feb. 27 - Mar 5          Rise Above: What's Holding You Back?