Thursday Night Theology

with Dr. Donald Wallenfang

 Going Deeper Into Scripture

October Webinar Schedule

Interpreting Scripture

Interpreting Scripture in the Tradition of the Church

October 7

8:30pm ET

60 minutes


Genres of Scripture 


October 14

8:30pm ET

60 minutes


Methods of Biblical Interpretation


October 28

8:30pm ET

60 minutes

Come join us as we explore the  art of biblical interpretation from a Catholic perspective. Learn how to approach the Bible studiously, responsibly, and faithfully.

You will leave with an understanding of how the teaching authority of the Church guides all of the faithful in unlocking the riches of divine revelation transmitted through Scripture and Tradition.

Come join us as we explore the variety of genres of Sacred Scripture, including those of poetry, historical narrative, and moral codes.

You will leave with an understanding of the diverse modes of expression within the Bible, and how all of these work together to bring us God’s revelation in harmonious forms and figures.

Come join us as we explore the multiple ways through which to interpret Sacred Scripture. Some of the methods of interpretation will include scholarly readings, pastoral readings, spiritual readings, and inculturation.

You will leave with an understanding of how the different types of lectio divina inform our shared biblical culture from the inside out.

November-December Webinar Schedule

Philosophy of Phenomenology

Phenomenology I –

The Natural Attitude and Givenness

November 4

8:30pm ET

60 minutes

Phenomenology II –

 Interpretation and Paradox

November 11

8:30pm ET

60 minutes

Phenomenology III –

 Ethics and the New Evangelization

December 2

8:30pm ET

60 minutes

December 16: Q&A with Dr. Wallenfang

8:30pm-9:30pm ET

What does the philosophical method of phenomenology have to do with the  New Evangelization? Everything! As a method that influenced such Catholic heavy-weight theologians such as Karol Wojtyła and Edith Stein in the twentieth century, phenomenology unlocks the  door to effective evangelization like no other method in contemporary philosophy. When combined with classic metaphysics, phenomenology equips Catholic evangelists to be courageous “fishers of men.”  Come to find out more about what phenomenology is and how it contributes to this new season of Catholic evangelization!